Main Objective of the Federation is to Popularise Bowls in India and Form pro- active State Bowls Association in every State of India, giving access to one and all from the Schools to the Senior levels.

Train a corpus of Bowls Coaches & Technical Officials to carry the objectives forward.

Improve the standard of BOWLS in the country, bring it at par with International level prior to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Focus on winning Medals at the 2018 GoldCoast Australia Commonwealth Games.

Followed by meritorious performances in futureWorld / Asia Pacific/ Asian Championships by Team India.

This can only be achieved if our Bowlers are coached by Dedicated Proffessionals on International Standard Bowls Surface and have access to the best Bowls Equipment available in the world.

Hence the Focus will be to arrange top class Coaches to Coach our players and Train Indian Coaches, procure and give access to the best Bowls equipment available in the world for Grooming our Bowlers.

Focus will be given to make Bowls into a Social, Club, Corporate & a Family Sport “ An age old Game for all Ages”

The Federation will fully concentrate on developing Green Keepers of International standard & locate the best Installers of Synth. Turfs to induce the best playing conditions in the country.

Bowls India

Bowls was introduced by the British Expatriates in India, mainly for their recreation and an alternative to Golf.

Clubs such as the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, where Bowls is still an important part of its curriculam have been the flag-bearer of Bowls in India.

Bowls was introduced to the RCGC around 1830 A.D. by the expatriates serving the interest of the Empire in India, from there onwards it was exported to other clubs, vast Tea Estates and Jute Mills in East India, patronised by the British.

Initially, when the Rail system was introduced to India, it was staffed & run by the Expatriates and had a large presence of the Anglo-Indian community working for it, who instantly took to Bowls.

The Railway Hubs around the country all had very active clubs and Bowls was a favourite in these clubs untill the 1950s. Later, with the exit of the expatriates and the mass migration of the Anglo-Indian community to U.K, Australia, Canada etc., the Noble discipline fell on bad times.

Most clubs could not maintain the facilities and put their shutters down on Bowls.

In early 1980s, the last of a handfull lot of active Bowlers decided to take it upon themselves to re-surrect Bowls in India.

A National Federation, Bowling Federation of India was formed on 21st. November 1985.

The Federation got affiliated to The Indian Olympic Association followed by affiliation to the World Body in 1990.

The Federation took upon itself the mantle to promote and introduce Bowls facilities to all the States of the Republic

Many vintage inter-state Bowls Championship are still held since their inception in the early 19th. Century,The East India Singles,East India Rinks,Howrah Jacks, Brakenbridge Open C’ship are some of the many that have kept Bowls still active in the country.

  • BFI is conducting National Championships for Men & Women
  • BFI hosts International Inter-Port Games for South East Asian Region.
  • BFI has conducted Technical coaching camps for Technicals under Coaches from Australia and U.K in the last Ten years
  • BFI has sent Men & Women’s teams to World Bowls Championships, Commonwealth Games, Asia- Pacific C’ships, Asian Championships & Inter-Port Games.